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Pizza Marinara Recipe


Pizza Marinara Recipe


Ingredients For Pizza Marinara

Pizza Marinara is a traditional Neapolitan pizza characterized by its simplicity and goodness. The ingredients needed to make a tasty Pizza Marinara are:

  • Pizzas: 2 pizza bases
  • Pizza Marinara recipe: 200g tomato pulp, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, fresh oregano and salt to taste.

To start making Pizza Marinara, you will need to have ready-made pizzas on hand. These can be bought at a pizzeria or made at home following the pizza base recipe.

The recipe for creating Pizza Marinara topping requires few ingredients, but is essential for its authentic flavor. In a bowl, mix tomato pulp, finely chopped garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh oregano, and salt.

Quantity Ingredients
200g Tomato pulp
2 cloves Garlic
2 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
q.b. Fresh oregano and salt

After mixing all the ingredients together, the Pizza Marinara topping will be ready to be spread on the pizzas. Take a pizza base, spread the topping evenly over the surface and leave a free edge around it.

Once the toppings are added, the Pizza Marinara is ready to be cooked. The ideal baking for this pizza is in a wood-fired oven at a temperature of about 250°C for about 10 to 15 minutes, until the base is golden and crispy.

Serve and enjoy freshly baked Pizza Marinara. This pizza comes without any other additional ingredients, but if you wish, you can garnish it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

Pizza Base Preparation

The marinara pizza base is one of the basic elements of making a delicious pizza. In this traditional Italian recipe, the pizza base consists of a simple dough of flour, water, yeast and salt.

To prepare the marinara pizza base, start by mixing 500 grams of 00 flour with 325 milliliters of warm water in a large bowl. Add a teaspoon of salt and a cube of fresh yeast. Mix the ingredients well until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Ingredients: Quantity:
00 flour 500 grams
Lukewarm water 325 milliliters
Fresh yeast 1 cube
Halls 1 teaspoon

After mixing all the ingredients well, cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and let rise for at least an hour in a warm place until the dough doubles in volume.

Once the dough has risen, take it from the bowl and knead it briefly on the floured work surface. Divide it into two balls and let them rest for another 15 to 20 minutes, still covered with the tea towel.

Now that you have prepared the pizza marinara base, you can proceed with adding the delicious traditional toppings: tomato, garlic, oregano, olive oil and parsley.

Preparing Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is an essential element in the preparation of marinara pizza. This delicious tomato-based topping gives pizza an authentic and rich flavor. Here is a recipe for making the perfect tomato sauce for your marinara pizza.


  • Ripe tomatoes (preferably peeled) – 400g
  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Onion – 1 small, finely chopped
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, finely chopped
  • Fresh basil – a few leaves
  • Dried oregano – 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Red chili flakes (optional) – half a teaspoon
  • Salt – q.b.
  • Preparation:

    1. Start by preparing the tomato sauce. Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat.

    2. Add chopped onion and garlic and sauté until soft and transparent.

    3. Add the peeled tomatoes to the pan and mash them with a fork or wooden spoon.

    4. Add fresh basil, dried oregano, sugar, and red chili flakes (if you prefer a slightly spicy sauce).

    5. Mix all ingredients well and let cook over medium-low heat for about 20-25 minutes, or until the sauce thickens slightly.

    6. Taste the sauce and adjust the salt if necessary.

    Using Tomato Sauce on Pizza:

    After preparing the tomato sauce, you can proceed to roll out the marinara pizza base and add the desired ingredients. Spread the tomato sauce over the base, making sure to evenly cover the entire surface.

    Then add the other ingredients such as garlic, oregano, olive oil and salt. Finally, put the pizza in the oven and bake it until the crust is golden and crispy.

    Preparation time Cooking time Portions
    10 minutes 25 minutes 4 servings

    Adding Ingredients On Pizza

    When it comes to making a delicious marinara pizza, the choice of ingredients is crucial to achieving a tasty and authentic result. Pizza marinara is a simple and traditional variant, featuring a fresh tomato sauce and essential ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, and spices. In this article, we will guide you through the preparation of the ingredients and how to add them to your marinara pizza.

    To start, make sure you have all the ingredients you need for your marinara pizza. You will need an already prepared pizza base, marinara pizza recipe, tomato sauce, minced garlic, dried oregano, extra virgin olive oil and salt. You can also enrich your pizza with additional ingredients such as black olives or anchovies, depending on your personal taste.

    Once your pizza base is ready and you have a good amount of tomato sauce, you can start adding the ingredients on the pizza. Take a spoon and spread the tomato sauce evenly over the base, leaving a small border around the edges to create the crust. Be sure not to overdo the sauce, as it may make the pizza too moist and difficult to cook.

    Ingredients: Quantity:
    Tomato sauce 2-3 tablespoons
    Chopped garlic 1 clove
    Dried oregano 1 teaspoon
    Extra virgin olive oil 1-2 tablespoons
    Halls qb (enough)

    After spreading the tomato sauce, sprinkle chopped garlic over the entire pizza. Garlic will give an aromatic and intense flavor to your marinara pizza. Next, sprinkle dried oregano evenly over the tomato sauce. Oregano is an important aromatic herb that characterizes the authentic flavor of marinara pizza.

    Finally, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on the pizza. Olive oil will add a delicious note of flavor and help create a crisp, golden crust. Be sure to spread the oil evenly over the pizza, being careful not to overdo it to avoid an overly greasy pizza.

    Now that you have added all the ingredients on your marinara pizza, it is ready for baking. Heat your oven to high temperature and bake the pizza for about 10 to 12 minutes, or until the crust is golden and crispy. Once cooked, you can serve and enjoy your delicious marinara pizza!

    Pizza Marinara Cooking

    Pizza Marinara Cooking

    Baking the marinara pizza is essential to achieve a perfectly crisp and flavorful pizza. At this stage, it is important to pay attention to oven temperature and baking time to ensure the desired result.

    To start, preheat the oven to 250°C for at least 30 minutes. Adequate temperature is essential to best cook pizza. During preheating, place the baking pan or firestone in the center of the oven so that it heats evenly.

    While the oven heats up, place the marinara pizza on the base of the pan or directly on the refractory stone, if available. Be sure to use a floured shovel to transfer the pizza to the right location without damaging the toppings. This will help keep the shape of the pizza and prevent the ingredients from leaking out during cooking.

    • Ingredients:
    • Pizza Marinara Recipe:
    • Pizza Marinara:
    Cooking Temperature Time
    Classic 250°C 8-10 minutes
    Crunchy 270°C 6-8 minutes
    Soft 230°C 10-12 minutes

    While cooking, check the pizza regularly to make sure it does not burn. Baking time may vary depending on your oven, so it is advisable to check the pizza after 8 minutes to determine if it is ready or requires a few more minutes. A perfectly cooked pizza will have a crisp, golden crust with melted cheese and ingredients heated just right.

    Once the marinara pizza is ready, carefully take it out of the oven. Let it rest for a few minutes before cutting so that the dough sets and the flavors blend. Serve and enjoy the pizza marinara hot and fragrant, perhaps accompanying it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh basil.

    Serving And Tasting Pizza Marinara

    Serving and Enjoying Pizza Marinara

    Pizza Marinara is one of the most traditional and beloved pizzas in Italy. After carefully preparing it, it is important to serve it properly to fully appreciate its authentic flavor. Here are some tips on how to best serve and enjoy Pizza Marinara.


    When it comes to serving Pizza Marinara, presentation is important. You can start by cutting the pizza into wedges or squares and arrange them on a tray or serving dish. Be sure to use a spatula or paddle to ensure that the pieces do not break during the transfer.


    Pizza Marinara is delicious on its own, but you can also serve it with some traditional accompaniments. A plate of black or green olives, along with a few capers, can add a touch of Mediterranean flavor. Also, you can offer lemon slices to squeeze on the pizza to give it a fresh touch.

    Matching wine

    To accompany Pizza Marinara, you can opt for a light, fruity red wine such as a Chianti or Barbera. The freshness of the wine goes well with the intensity of the flavors of the pizza and enhances the flavor. If you prefer white wine, a Bianco di Custoza or Vermentino are good choices.

    Tips for enjoying to the fullest: Recommended wine:
    Add a little chili pepper for extra spiciness. Chianti or Barbera
    Experiment with different combinations of cheeses to vary the flavor. White Custoza or Vermentino
    Squeeze a little lemon on the pizza for a fresh touch. Chianti or Barbera

    By following these tips, you will be able to best serve and enjoy Pizza Marinara. Remember to keep paper towels or tissues handy, as Pizza Marinara can be a bit messy to eat but it is absolutely worth it!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the ingredients for Pizza Marinara?

    The ingredients for Pizza Marinara are tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, oregano and salt.

    How do you prepare the base of Pizza Marinara?

    The base of Pizza Marinara is prepared by mixing flour with water, yeast and salt until a smooth dough is obtained.

    How do you prepare tomato sauce for Pizza Marinara?

    The tomato sauce for Pizza Marinara is prepared by sautéing garlic in olive oil, then adding peeled tomatoes and oregano.

    What ingredients are added on Pizza Marinara?

    Olive oil, garlic and oregano are added on Pizza Marinara.

    How do you cook Pizza Marinara?

    Pizza Marinara is baked in the oven at a very high temperature for about 10-12 minutes.

    How do you serve and enjoy Pizza Marinara?

    Pizza Marinara is served hot, cut into slices and enjoyed simply with the hands.

    How long does it take to prepare Pizza Marinara?

    The preparation of Pizza Marinara takes about 2 hours, including the rising time of the dough.

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