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Eggnog Recipe


Eggnog Recipe


What is The Eggnog

Zabaione is a delicious Italian dessert made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine. Its origin is uncertain, but it is thought to have originated in Piedmont in the 16th century. This creamy, velvety delicacy has gained popularity around the world and is now enjoyed as a classic dessert in Italian cuisine.

The recipe for Zabaione is quite simple and requires only a few ingredients. To prepare it, you will need fresh egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine, such as marsala. You can choose to use sweet white wine if you prefer a light flavor or sweet red wine for a more intense variation. Remember that the quality of the ingredients is critical to achieving a perfect result.

To prepare your Eggnog, follow these simple steps:

  1. In a heat-resistant bowl, combine the egg yolks and sugar. Mix until smooth and homogeneous.
  2. Gradually add the sweet wine to the egg and sugar mixture, stirring constantly.
  3. Transfer the bowl to the stove in a double boiler and continue stirring gently until the mixture becomes frothy and thick. Be sure not to boil it.
  4. Remove the Eggnog from the heat and continue stirring for a few minutes, allowing the mixture to cool slightly.
  5. Pass the Zabaione through a fine strainer to remove any lumps and pour it into dessert cups.
  6. Serve Zabaione warm or cold, accompanied by cookies or ladyfingers to add a crunchy touch.

Zabaione is one of the most versatile recipes, and you can experiment with different variations to customize your dessert. You can enrich the flavor by adding a dash of vanilla or replacing some of the sweet wine with a liqueur such as rum. In addition, you can serve Eggnog as a topping for fresh fruit or ice cream to create a delicious combination of flavors. Experiment and be inspired!

Ingredients: Quantity:
Egg yolks 6
Sugar 120 g
Sweet wine (Marsala or other choice) 120 ml

The Ingredients For Making Eggnog

The ingredients for making Zabaione are simple but essential to achieve a tasty and quality result. Here is what you need to make this delicious sweet cream.

1. Eggs: traditional Zabaione is prepared with fresh egg yolks. Be sure to use good quality eggs, preferably organic, for more authentic flavor.

2. Sugar: To sweeten Zabaione, you can use traditional white sugar or opt for brown sugar for a rustic touch. Adjust the amount of sugar according to your personal taste.

3. Wine or liqueur: the classic recipe calls for sweet wine, such as Marsala, but you can also opt for liqueurs such as rum or brandy. Choose a quality liqueur for an intense aromatic note.

4. Vanilla: Vanilla is an optional but recommended ingredient to enrich the flavor of Zabaione. You can use vanilla powder or vanilla bean seeds for a more intense flavor.

To prepare Eggnog, separate the yolks from the egg whites and place them in a heat-resistant bowl. Add the sugar and mix until smooth. Add the wine or liquor of choice and stir again. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water on low heat and continue stirring constantly until the mixture thickens and becomes creamy.

Eggnog Recipe

Ingredients: Quantity:
Egg yolks 4
Sugar 100g
Wine or liquor 60ml
Vanilla (optional) 1 teaspoon

When the Eggnog has reached the desired consistency, remove the bowl from the heat and continue stirring for a few minutes while it cools slightly. Pour the Eggnog into small cups or glasses and let it cool completely in the refrigerator before serving. You can garnish the Zabaione with a sprinkling of cocoa powder or a slice of fresh fruit.

We hope these ingredients and instructions will help you make a delicious homemade Eggnog. Enjoy this classic Italian dessert on its own or as an accompaniment to cookies or panettone during the holidays.

How to Prepare Eggnog

How to prepare Eggnog

Zabaione is a traditional Italian dessert made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine. It is a dessert with a delicate and creamy flavor, perfect to enjoy on its own or as an accompaniment to other sweet delights.

To prepare Zabaione, you need a few simple but quality ingredients. Here are the main ingredients:

Ingredients Quantity
Eggs 4
Sugar 100g
Sweet wine 100ml

First, separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs. Put the yolks in a bowl and add the sugar. Stir vigorously until the mixture is smooth and light in color.

Next, pour the sweet wine into the bowl with the egg yolks and sugar. Continue to stir gently until all ingredients are well blended.

Once the mixture is ready, transfer it to a small saucepan and place it in a bain-marie, that is, inside a larger pot filled with hot but not boiling water. Keep stirring the Eggnog with a hand whisk to prevent lumps from forming or the eggs from cooking too quickly.

Tips For A Perfect Eggnog

Zabaione is a delicious Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine. To prepare a perfect Zabaione, it is important to follow a few tips that will enable you to achieve a silky texture and irresistible flavor.

First of all, be sure to use high-quality ingredients. Choose fresh yolks and good quality sweet wine. These elements will greatly influence the final result of your Zabaione.

Let’s start with the recipe for Classic Eggnog: Ingredients:

Quantity Ingredients
4 egg yolks
80 g sugar
75 ml sweet wine, such as Marsala

To prepare Eggnog, separate the yolks from the egg whites and place them in a heat-resistant bowl. Add the sugar and mix well until smooth and creamy.

Next, place the bowl over a pot with hot water on low heat, creating a sort of water bath. Make sure the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Continue stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the mixture becomes thick and creamy, like a mousse. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once the desired consistency is reached, remove the bowl from the heat and continue stirring for a few minutes to prevent the Eggnog from congealing too quickly.

Zabaione can be enjoyed hot or cold. You can serve it as a dessert on its own or use it to accompany desserts such as pandoro, panettone or dry cookies.

We hope these tips will help you prepare a delicious perfect Eggnog. Enjoy your meal!

Eggnog Variants

Variants of Eggnog

Zabaione is a delicious Italian dessert traditionally made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine. However, over the years, several variations of this classic recipe have been created, offering interesting alternatives to enrich and personalize the taste of the dessert. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular variants of Zabaione, which can satisfy different tastes and preferences.

Chocolate eggnog:

One of the most popular variants of Zabaione is undoubtedly the chocolate variant. To prepare this mouth-watering version, simply add a generous amount of grated or finely chopped dark chocolate to the traditional Zabaione mixture. This will give the cake an intense, creamy flavor that will make chocolate lovers happy.

Fruit eggnog:

Another popular variant of Zabaione is the fruit variant. In this version, different kinds of fresh or syrupy fruits can be used to flavor and enrich the cake. For example, you can add strawberries, raspberries, peaches or even mixed berries. The fruit will impart a fresh, vitamin-packed flavor to the Eggnog, making it even more inviting and tasty.

Coffee eggnog:

For coffee lovers, an interesting variation to try is the coffee variant. In this case, it is necessary to add a cup of well-concentrated espresso coffee to the traditional Zabaione. The intense flavor of the coffee will combine with the sweetness of the dough, creating a perfect combination to delight the palate.


These are just some of the variations of Zabaione that you can experiment with to enrich the taste of this traditional Italian dessert. Of course, you can indulge and create many other variations using the ingredients and flavors you prefer. Experimenting with Zabaione can be fun and rewarding, as it allows you to customize the dessert to your own tastes and preferences.

Ways To Serve Eggnog

Zabaione is a traditional Italian dessert made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine. This delicious dessert can be served in a variety of ways to suit everyone’s taste. Here are some ideas on how to present and accompany your Zabaione.

1. Eggnog Cups:

One of the most common ways to serve Eggnog is in individual cups. You can pour your Zabaione into the cups and garnish with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or a dusting of cinnamon. This will make the dessert more inviting and add extra flavor.

2. Eggnog on Fresh Fruit:

Another delicious option is to serve Eggnog as a topping for fresh fruit. You can cut a variety of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas and pineapples and arrange them in a bowl. Pour your Zabaione over the fruit and gently stir to coat. This combination of sweet flavors and fresh fruit is perfect for a light and refreshing dessert.

3. Eggnog with Cookies:

If you want to add some crunch to your Eggnog, you can serve it with some crunchy cookies such as dry cookies or cookies. Break up the cookies and arrange them around the rim of a plate or glass. Pour your Zabaione in the center and use the cookies to dip and enjoy all the flavor together. It is a fun and tasty way to enjoy this classic dessert.

Variant Description
Amaretto Zabaione Add a touch of Amaretto liqueur to your Zabaione for an almond flavor.
Chocolate Eggnog Add melted dark chocolate to your Eggnog for a rich, decadent taste.
Orange Zabaglione Add grated orange zest to your Zabaione for a touch of citrusy freshness.

Use these ideas and variations to make your experience with Zabaione even more special. Experiment and create your favorite combinations for a custom dessert that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eggnog?

Zabaione is a creamy, velvety dessert of Italian origin made with eggs, sugar and sweet wine.

What are the ingredients for making Eggnog?

The ingredients needed to make Zabaione are: fresh eggs, sugar, sweet wine (usually Marsala) and some flavoring to taste such as vanilla or lemon peel.

How is eggnog prepared?

To prepare Eggnog, you must vigorously beat the egg yolks with the sugar until frothy. Then incorporate the sweet wine and continue stirring on the stove until the cream becomes thick and velvety.

What are the tips for a perfect Zabaione?

To make perfect Eggnog, it is important to use high quality fresh eggs, whisk the yolks well with the sugar, and stir constantly on the stove, avoiding overheating.

What are the variations of Eggnog?

Some variations of Zabaione include the use of different types of sweet wine, such as Moscato or Vin Santo, or the addition of liqueurs such as rum or coffee.

What are some ways to serve Eggnog?

Zabaione can be served warm, lukewarm or cold depending on preference. It can be accompanied by cookies, ladyfingers or fresh fruit.

What are the benefits and interesting facts about Zabaione?

Eggnog is an energy- and nutrient-rich dessert, thanks to eggs, which are a source of protein and vitamins. In addition, the sweet wine contained in Zabaione can promote digestion and stimulate appetite.

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