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Crostini Con N’duja E Ricotta Recipe


Crostini Con N’duja E Ricotta Recipe


Introduction To The Recipe Of Crostini With N’duja And Ricotta Cheese

Welcome to my blog dedicated to Italian cuisine! Today I will tell you about the delicious recipe for crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese, a traditional and tasty appetizer. If you are a cooking enthusiast and a lover of spicy flavors, you cannot miss this tasty preparation.

To make crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese you will need a few quality ingredients. Here is what you will need:

  • Crispbread (such as baguette or homemade bread)
  • N’duja (a spicy Calabrian condiment made from pork)
  • Fresh sheep ricotta cheese
  • Ground black pepper
  • Chopped fresh parsley
  • Garlic (optional)

The recipe for crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese is very simple to prepare. Start by cutting the bread into slices about 1 centimeter thick. You can lightly toast it in the oven or on the grill to make it even crispier. Meanwhile, prepare the ricotta cream by mixing ricotta cheese with a pinch of black pepper and chopped fresh parsley. If you prefer a more intense flavor, you can also add finely minced garlic.

Once the bread is toasted and the ricotta cream is ready, it is time to assemble the croutons. Generously spread the N’duja on the toasted bread slices and then top with a generous amount of ricotta cream. You can decorate the crostini with a pinch of black pepper and fresh parsley for a fresh touch. Your crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese are ready to be served!

Preparing the Ingredients for the Croutons

Preparing the ingredients for croutons is critical to achieving a tasty and appetizing result. To make Crostini con N’duja e Ricotta, you need a few quality ingredients, but it is important to choose them carefully.

The list of ingredients needed for the croutons includes:

  • Croutons: you can use slices of homemade bread or baguette, preferably lightly toasted to ensure crispness
  • N’duja: a Calabrian specialty made from spicy pork, great for adding a unique flavor to crostini
  • Ricotta cheese: best if fresh and of excellent quality, it gives a creamy texture to the crostini
  • Chili: for those who like it spicy, add fresh or powdered chili pepper to enhance the flavor of N’duja
  • Extra virgin olive oil: essential for seasoning croutons and giving a touch of aroma
  • Parsley: to garnish croutons and give a touch of freshness

Once you have all the ingredients on hand, you can move on to preparing the croutons.

First, toast the bread slices in the oven or in a frying pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil until crisp and lightly colored.

Ingredients Methods of preparation
N’duja Cut the N’duja into thin slices or cubes, depending on your preference. You can also take advantage of the heat from the croutons to melt it slightly.
Ricotta cheese Mash the ricotta with a fork until smooth and creamy. Add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavor.
Chili If you prefer a spicier taste, you can add fresh or powdered chili to the N’duja or directly to the ricotta.

How to Make N’duja At Home

N’duja is a typical cured meat from Calabria, famous for its spicy flavor and spreadable texture. If you want to experience Calabrian cuisine at home, follow this simple recipe for making N’duja at home.


  • 500g pork belly
  • 300g hot peppers
  • 200g of pork lard
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • salt to taste.
  • Procedure:

    1. Start by cutting the bacon and lard into small cubes. Remove the seeds from the hot peppers and cut them into small pieces. Mince the garlic cloves as well.

    2. Put the bacon, lard, hot peppers, and garlic in a high-power blender or mixer. Blend until a creamy consistency is achieved.

    3. Transfer the resulting cream to a bowl and add black pepper and salt to taste. Mix well until the ingredients are well blended.

    4. Choose clean, sterilized glass jars. Fill them with the N’duja cream, making sure to leave some empty space at the top.

    5. Seal the jars with airtight lids and store them in the refrigerator for at least a week so the flavors blend.

    Homemade N’duja is perfect for spreading on crostini, toast, or using as a pasta sauce. Try this recipe and discover the intense and spicy taste of Calabrian cuisine!

    The Preparation of Ricotta Cream Cheese

    Preparing the ricotta cream is a key part of making crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese, a delicious and tasty appetizer. The ricotta cream gives softness and creaminess to the whole dish, going to balance the spicy flavor of N’duja. So let’s see how to prepare this tasty cream in a few simple steps.

    First, get all the necessary ingredients: 200 grams of fresh ricotta, 50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper, and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality to achieve a perfect result.

    Begin by beating the ricotta with a fork or using a mixer until creamy and lump-free. Add grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and mix well to blend all ingredients. Be sure to enjoy the ricotta cream and adjust the topping to your taste.

    1. Once the cream is at the desired consistency, add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and mix again to blend everything together.
      Transfer the ricotta cream to a sac-à-poche or pastry bag so it can be easily dosed onto the croutons.
      Finally, the ricotta cream is ready to be used in the preparation of crostini with N’duja and ricotta. Spread a generous layer on each slice of toast and top with a small amount of N’duja, spread over the ricotta cream. Serve the appetizers on a nice platter and enjoy them with company.
  • Crostini Assembly With N’duja And Ricotta Cheese

    Appetizers are an essential part of any Italian meal, and crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese are a delicious choice to serve to your guests. The assembly of these croutons requires a few simple steps, but it is important to follow the recipe carefully to achieve the best possible result.

    To start, you will need the recipe for crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese, which consists of ingredients such as toasted bread croutons, N’duja (a Calabrian spicy salami) and ricotta cream. Make sure you have all the ingredients on hand before you begin assembly.

    Once you have prepared all the ingredients, you can start assembling the croutons. Take a crouton and spread a generous amount of N’duja on its surface. The N’duja will add a unique touch of spiciness and flavor to the crostino. Next, spread the ricotta cream evenly over the N’duja. The ricotta cream will help balance the spiciness of the N’duja, creating a delicious contrast of flavors.

    Now that you have spread the N’duja and ricotta cream on the crostini, you are almost ready to serve them. Once all the croutons are assembled, you can arrange them on a nice serving platter or elegant tray. If you want to add a touch of color and freshness, you can add a few leaves of fresh parsley or chopped chili on top of the croutons.

    Crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese Portions Preparation time Cooking time
    10 croutons 15 minutes 5 minutes

    Croutons with N’duja and ricotta cheese are a light and tasty appetizer that is sure to please all your guests. Be sure to serve them immediately after assembly to preserve the crispness of the croutons. You can accompany these crostini with a good red wine or cool drink of your choice.

    Tips For Serving And Presenting Croutons

    When it comes to serving and presenting Crostini con N’duja e Ricotta, there are some useful tips that can make this delicious appetizer recipe even more appetizing.

    First, it is important to make sure you have a good quantity of Crostini ready to serve. These can be prepared in advance and stored in a sealed container until serving time. This saves time when assembling the Crostini.

    In addition, you can create visual appeal by adding some colorful ingredients such as halved cherry tomatoes or some fresh parsley on top of the Crostini. These small details make the dish even more inviting and appealing to guests.

  • Another important tip is to arrange the Crostini con N’duja e Ricotta neatly on a tray or platter. An eye-catching arrangement can be created by alternating the Crostini with layers of N’duja and Ricotta, or by placing one alongside the other in neat rows.
  • To complete the presentation of the Crostini, you can add a finishing touch by using fresh basil leaves or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top of the dish. These small details not only add color and flavor, but also show care and attention in the preparation of the dish.
  • Ingredients: Quantity:
    Crostini 1 pack
    N’duja 150 grams
    Ricotta cheese 200 grams
    Cherry tomatoes 6-8
    Fresh parsley q.b. (sufficient quantity)
    Fresh basil q.b. (sufficient quantity)
    Extra virgin olive oil q.b. (sufficient quantity)

    Following these tips and arranging the Crostini con N’duja e Ricotta attractively will ensure an appealing presentation of this delicious appetizer recipe. Guests will not be able to resist enjoying these appetizing morsels and will surely be impressed by your attention to detail in the preparation and presentation of the dish.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the main ingredients for crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese?

    The main ingredients for crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese are N’duja, ricotta cheese and toasted bread.

    How do you prepare the ingredients for croutons?

    The ingredients should be cut and prepared so that they are ready for crostini assembly.

    What are the steps to make N’duja at home?

    N’duja can be prepared by mixing pork and hot peppers, flavored with spices and left to season.

    How to make ricotta cream for croutons?

    Ricotta cream can be made by whipping ricotta cheese with the addition of olive oil and flavorings to taste.

    What are the steps to assemble crostini with N’duja and ricotta cheese?

    The crostini should be spread with the ricotta cream and then topped with N’duja and served.

    Do you have any tips for serving and presenting croutons?

    The croutons can be served on a serving platter, decorated with herbs and accompanied by a glass of red wine.

    What alternative toppings can be used for croutons?

    Cream cheese, olive pate or tomato-based sauces can be used as alternative toppings for croutons.

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