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Braised Barolo Stew Recipe

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Braised Barolo Stew Recipe


Choice Of Meat

The choice of meat is a key step in preparing a delicious Braised Beef Al Barolo. For best results, it is advisable to use cuts of meat that are suitable for slow cooking and contain a good amount of connective tissue.

One of the most suitable cuts of meat for Brasato Al Barolo is beef cheek, which has a soft texture and a high gelatin content. Other suitable cuts include beef shoulder and beef brisket.

It is important to choose fresh, high-quality meat. Make sure there are no dark or dry parts on the cutting surface and that it is free of unpleasant odors. The meat should be well marbled, that is, with evenly distributed white streaks of fat. This will ensure greater softness and tenderness to the final result.

  • For a recipe of Brasato Al Barolo, the recommended cut of meat is beef cheek.
  • Type of Meat Features
    Beef cheek Soft, high presence of gelatin, rich in flavor
    Shoulder of beef Tenacious, suitable for long simmering
    Beef brisket Fibrous, ideal for braises and stews

    Preparation Of Ingredients

    Preparation of ingredients is a key step in the making of any dish, including Barolo braised beef. To best prepare this recipe, it is important to select fresh, high-quality ingredients.

    To make an excellent Barolo pot roast, we will need beef seconds, preferably the breast part. The meat should be of good quality and free of fat and ribbing and should be cut into pieces of moderate size.

    In addition, for marinating, it will be necessary to obtain some vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, which will need to be cleaned and cut into coarse pieces. These vegetables will give flavor and aroma to the dish while cooking.

  • Beef (breast part)
  • Vegetables for marinating (carrots, celery, onions, garlic)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sage and rosemary
  • Barolo
  • Ingredients: Quantity:
    Beef (breast part) 500g
    Vegetables for marinating 2 carrots, 1 celery stalk, 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic
    Extra virgin olive oil q.b.
    Sage and rosemary q.b.
    Barolo 1 bottle

    Marking And Resting Times

    Marinating is an essential step in the preparation of many dishes, including braised beef with Barolo. Through this process, the meat is immersed in a mixture of ingredients that enhance its flavor and make it softer and juicier. Marinating requires adequate resting time, during which the flavors blend and the meat tenderizes.

    To make a good marinade for Barolo braised beef, it is important to select the right ingredients. In addition to the meat, which will be the star of the dish, various spices and flavorings can be used, such as garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme, and vanilla pods. In addition, you can add red wine, such as Barolo, which will give the marinade a rich and intense flavor.

    Once the ingredients for the marinade have been prepared, it is necessary to let the meat rest for an appropriate amount of time. This varies according to the type of meat and its size. Generally, it is recommended to let the Barolo braised meat marinate for at least 12 hours, but you can extend the resting time up to 24 hours for even better results.

    Phase Description
    1 Prepare marinating ingredients such as garlic, onion, spices and Barolo wine.
    2 Put the meat in a bowl and add the prepared ingredients.
    3 Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, or up to 24 hours.
    4 Remember to turn the meat occasionally to let all sides soak up the marinade.

    Marinating and resting time are essential to obtain a Barolo braised meat with soft meat and intense flavor. Following these steps will enable you to make a delicious dish that will amaze your guests. Enjoy your meal!

    Slow-Fire Cooking

    Simmering is a culinary technique for making preparations softer, more tender, and more flavorful. This cooking method involves cooking food at low temperatures for a longer period of time than other cooking techniques. One of the most suitable dishes for simmering is braised beef with Barolo, a traditional Italian dish that requires patience and attention.

    To prepare Barolo braised beef, it is necessary to have the proper ingredients and follow a precise procedure. Initially, it is essential to choose a meat suitable for this preparation, such as beef with a good balance of lean and fat. Once the meat has been chosen, it is important to prepare the ingredients, such as onion, carrots, celery and garlic, which will be used to flavor the dish during cooking.

    Marinating is a key step in achieving a flavorful and tender Barolo braised meat. The meat is left to rest in a mixture of Barolo wine, spices and herbs for several hours or even overnight. This allows the meat to absorb flavors and become more tender during cooking.

    Ingredients for Barolo braised beef: Quantity
    Beef 800 g
    Barolo wine 500 ml
    Onion 1
    Carrots 2
    Celery 2 stalks
    Garlic 2 cloves
    Spices and herbs (rosemary, thyme, bay leaf) q.b.
    Extra virgin olive oil q.b.
    Vegetable broth q.b.

    Once the meat is marinated, you can proceed to cooking. Barolo pot roast should cook over very low heat for several hours so that the meat becomes soft and flakes easily. While cooking, vegetable broth can be added to keep the dish moist and further enhance the flavors.

    Finally, the presentation and service of braised beef in Barolo wine are important to enhance this dish. We recommend serving the sliced pot roast on a bed of mashed potatoes or polenta, finishing the dish with a generous sprinkling of chopped fresh parsley.

    Barolo Addition

    In the process of preparing Brasato al Barolo, one of the key steps is definitely the addition of Barolo during cooking. This step gives the dish its characteristic rich and intense flavor.

    First, it is important to select a good Barolo to use in the recipe. Barolo is an Italian red wine produced in the Piedmont region, known for its high quality and refined characteristics. For best results, we recommend using a good quality Barolo that has at least a few years of aging to develop its aromatic bouquet.

    Once the wine has been selected, it is time to add it to the pot roast preparation. After browning the meat and basic ingredients in the pot, you can pour the Barolo directly into the pot. It is important to make sure that the wine covers at least half of the meat to ensure that it flavors evenly during cooking.

    Steps: Time:
    1. Select a good Barolo 5 minutes
    2. Pour the Barolo into the pot after the browning stage. 2 minutes
    3. Make sure the wine covers at least half of the meat. 1 minute

    After adding the wine, it is necessary to let the pot roast simmer. Barolo, with its intense flavor, penetrates the meat as it slowly cooks, adding depth and complexity to the dish. While cooking, it is important to keep the pot covered to prevent the wine from evaporating too quickly.

    Presentation And Service

    Barolo Braised Beef Recipe: Presentation and Service

    The presentation of a dish is essential to arouse interest and bring out the flavors and aromas of the food. To best serve Braised Barolo Stew, some simple guidelines must be followed. Let’s start by talking about the choice of dish: to enhance the colors and texture of the Braised meat, we recommend using a white or ceramic dish. In addition, you can decorate the dish with a fresh parsley leaf or a sprinkle of chopped parsley.

    A variety of side dishes can be used to accompany Brasato al Barolo. An excellent option is baked potatoes or, for a more rustic flavor, boiled potatoes topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of parsley. In addition, slices of crusty bread or soft polenta can be served, depending on diners’ preferences.

    The final touch for a perfect presentation is the topping. You can add some fresh parsley leaves or thin slices of lemon or orange, depending on personal taste. Remember to carefully place the Brasato al Barolo in the center of the plate, along with the side dish, and to harmoniously distribute the garnish around the plate for an inviting appearance.

    Ingredients Quantity
    Braised beef 1 kg
    Barolo 750 ml
    Carrots 2
    Onions 2
    Celery 2 stalks
    Extra virgin olive oil qb
    Garlic 2 cloves
    Meat broth 500 ml
    Flour qb
    Black pepper qb
    Fresh parsley qb
  • Choice of Meat: When preparing Braised Beef in Barolo, it is important to select a high quality piece of beef. The best part to use is the thigh or shoulder, as these areas are softer and tastier. Be sure to remove any sinews or excess fatty parts.
  • Preparation of Ingredients: Dice the carrots, onions and celery. Mince the garlic and fresh parsley. Make sure you have all the quantities of the ingredients on hand before starting the preparation.
  • Marinatura e Tempi di Riposo: To make the Brasato al Barolo even tastier, it is advisable to marinate the meat for at least 12 hours. In a large bowl, combine the Barolo, diced vegetables, minced garlic, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Mix well and dip the meat into the marinade. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I consider when choosing meat?

    When choosing meat, it is important to consider cut and quality. Opt for cuts of meat suitable for simmering, such as leg of beef.

    How can I prepare the ingredients for the recipe?

    To prepare the ingredients for this recipe, you need to cut the meat into pieces of uniform size and chop the vegetables that will flavor the dish.

    What are the recommended marinating and resting times?

    We recommend marinating the meat for at least 2 hours to allow the flavors to penetrate. After marinating, let the meat rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking.

    What are the steps for simmering?

    For simmering, an earthenware pot or thick-bottomed pot should be used. Place the meat and ingredients in the pot, cover with the lid and cook on low heat for several hours, until the meat is tender and succulent.

    When should I add the Barolo?

    The addition of Barolo is done toward the end of cooking. Pour in the wine moderately and let it cook for an additional 15-20 minutes to blend the flavors.

    How can I present and serve the dish?

    To present the dish, arrange the meat on a serving platter and garnish with the vegetables and gravy. Serve with creamy polenta or mashed potatoes.

    What are some tips to improve this recipe?

    Some tips to improve this recipe are: add spices such as bay leaf and thyme during cooking, use high quality ingredients, and cook slowly for succulent meat.

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